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Actor. Producer. Presenter. 

About Artur Sargsyan

Artur Sargsyan is a famous Armenian film actor, producer and presenter. He is known for many cinema, TV and musical projects. His unforgettable role in the cult film "Mer Bak" ("Our Court") was admired by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Armenian actor Artur Sargsyan

Artur Sargsyan is also known for his participation in the team of Armenian KVN , which became the Premiere League champion.

Armenian KVN Team
«Many of his character's expressions would later become winged phrases , which proves once again, that Artur won the viewers' hearts»
Ruben Jaghinyan,
The President of the Armenian National FilmAcademy
Ruben Jaginyan abot Artur Sargsyan
Actor Artur Sargsyan

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